Wednesday, December 20, 2006


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allen bukoff said...

Great idea from Cecil Touchon
From [fluxus-mail-art] Digest Number 324:
Posted by: "Cecil Touchon" ctouchon
Sun Dec 17, 2006 4:20 pm (PST)

Gretting all!
I am pleased to announce the acquisition of the domain name This domain name was not available for several years due
to having been used for a clothing shop on the east coast some place
that seemed to have had no relation to fluxus whatsoever. I have waited
patiently for this domain to become available and finally it has. I
guess the shop went out of business.

At any rate I am wanting to open this domain as a sales website for
fluxus, fluxnexus and flux-like multiples. This might include books,
boxed collections of things, posters, photographs, scores, ephemera of all sorts, postcards, artistamps and soforth. I would like to know if anyone would like to participate by suppling on consignment or at wholesale items that could be produced in multiples and sold repeatedly through the fluxshop. These could be on demand type items as well. I would especially be interested in items that can sell for under $100.00
and be shipped easily and cheaply.
watch for to hit the net in the next day or so.

Cecil Touchon