Sunday, March 04, 2007

yOKo_Mohter of deterritoralizing

think of it YoKo is the great deterritorializing force at that instant
in rock and roll a group named beatles has "brokeN up" she steps
forth crazed wild screamer smashing vocal c hords
she incomprehensible hiroshima scream howl of atomic
beyond rock and roll chording
Beefheart is like this
or was I meanT to say
she was this force
gambling aginst something Terrible
tHiS faNtasticating beauTy PaiN

to Split the WoRld in Peace

the Poster AmaZing War is Over

U gotta Dig wHat THEE LadEe wasDoing
No Guy CouldA Done got AwAy In Rock N Roll

She be be the beComing

Then it ends
what a french essayist call
the winter years of the 70s decade

but more would come and has


War is Over
if you Want it

that War and this one
around the "holdbluddinwold!" to paraphrase Joyce In finNeganWake

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