Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Happy One-Year Birthday,
Fluxlist Blog!

This poster was created to honor all of the Fluxlist Blog contributors during this last year. Click on graphic below to view larger image.
To download and print a copy of this poster, please click on any of the ready-to-print sizes below. All in .pdf format. Print in "best" or highest quality print setting.
8.5 x 11 inches 925KBA4 (210 x 297 mm) 984KB
11 x 17 inches 1.625MBA3 (297 x 420 mm) 1.625MB
13 x 19 inches 2.131MB
Or download the large, raw graphic file (in .png format) and alter, resize, and print as you want:
Thanks to Allan Revich for starting this blog. Thanks to everybody who has been creating here. It's been a great place to play!


Mick said...

Thank you for the wonderful poster Allen. I am glad I can see what the posters really look like at last. And, who would have guessed that we all smoke pipes! Amazing.

So happy birthday fluxlist.

Homosexual Christmas tin soldier said...

I get desperate
I get reckless
Like winter
Blind fury
I get courage
I get breathless
In the sunset rain

allen bukoff said...

The order of contributors on the poster approximately reflects the number of entries posted to the Fluxlist blog from April 3rd, 2006 to April 2nd, 2007:

233 Allan Revich
111 ptomaine
85 State of Being
77 Nobody
61 Mick Boyle
57 jn
46 hazel
43 Ruud Janssen
40 Clifford Duffy
27 Neil
26 michael/WastedPapiers
22 emit
20 Björn Eriksson
18 Rod Stasick
17 Sheila Murphy
16 Alan Bowman
16 davidbchirot
14 Roger Stevens
14 Teresa Bowman
9 Reed Altemus
8 bibiana padilla maltos
8 Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
7 drosspriddle
7 epf/ex post facto
7 jim veil
7 suse
5 Keri Marion
4 Enn/IO SwaggART
4 J Lehmus
4 kraig
3 cecil touchon
3 Madawg
2 A Chair
2 carolstarr
2 Fluxus Heidelberg Center
2 Ben Tripe
1 ann klefstad
1 John M. Bennett
1 Walter Cianciusi
1 Dan

State of Being said...

Gee, I'm a lot more debonair than I realized.

Björn Eriksson said...

so nice! did't know my doppleganger was jukka-pekka - but this is also first time we see each other. and all smoking pipe, so great!


I never realized Fluxlist posting was so much fun. I'd better get started.


Allan Revich said...

And thanks to you, Allen for playing here! Awesome poster!

Clifford Duffy said...

wher is this pipe? Pippette? comme ca? merci Monsieur Allen! I had no idea I was even in here. Are you here, Mister Clifford Duffy with yer stemming hot pipe? charming charming charming wonderous to never cease to amaze. undeed indeed compose repose transpose the fflow of ebdd double dd against b. the language doily double!
as always glad to be of ser_Vice.

Kraig said...

ce n'est pas une pipe!

fantastic poster. it's actually energizing me to go create some stuff i've been meaning to do recently.