Tuesday, August 28, 2007

FOUND ARTIST (Tova Rogers)

Last November my wife and I bopped over to Cranbrook Art Museum to check out Space is the Place--a traveling exhibition dealing with outer space. Walked into one of the galleries and noticed a chalked off square on the floor with someone standing in it. Sensing a game, I checked it out. Occupant of the chalk square turned out to be a Crankbrook MFA sculpture student. She was doing her own renegade installation/performance at the opening: creating and occupying "space."

Had occasion recently to spend some time with the artist, Tova Rogers, and find out more about her work. I discovered a lot of smart Fluxus sensibility (like I saw in the chalk performance). I'll give you one other example, and then maybe I can coax her on here to present some of her other stuff.

“On. On. I love you On. You’re so On. On. Part II”
(44 x 60-inch poster)
Poster displays 86,400 time units (hour:minute:second)-- all the seconds in one day in relentless order.


keri marion said...

this is impressive

t said...

thank you.

Unknown said...

vexing. time may be the one element we have least control of. whether we live, die, succeed or fail, time never ceases-
thought provoking piece

Anonymous said...

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