Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ice Melts by Ed Leeper

My fluxus friend Ed Leeper created this piece the other day. It's a large block of ice melting. He parked it at the beach in Monterey. The kids in the photo really liked it and understood it as an art piece


Allan Revich said...

I wish the ice would melt here in Toronto! We have lots on the ground and the forecast is for more

State of Being said...

Pass along to Ed my comments that it's a nice piece.


Luc Fierens said...

nice piece ,makes me think of the ice cube perfo
belgian/mex artist : Alys did in mexico City
please save the icerocks on the north pole

Arthur2 said...

I have Ed's "Paperwork" as the index page at

Bob Evans made an awesome film of the construction of this piece- Ed has a VHS of it and maybe I'll get around to digitizing & posting it online one day.