Saturday, March 15, 2008


Alan Bowman's underbed excavations are much more exciting than ours . What we usually find is masses of fluff. Hazel once had a travelling Museum Of Fluff back in the 80's. She had Fluff from all over the world represeneted in it. She made tools for extracting fluff from trouser turn-ups and pockets. These were exhibited along side the Fluff From Around The World. Navel fluff was also a big feature of the exhibition and it's amazing how the colour of one's socks affected the colour of the eventual navel lint . Those not wearing socks found dull grey navel fluff but those who wore bright red socks found the fluff to be faintly pink in colour which gives rise to the notion that the tiny strands of sock fluff actually travel the precarious journey up the leg to the umbilicus like so many tiny mountain climbers.
Naval fluff ofcourse is fluff stolen from sailors belly buttons whilst they lie asleep in their hammocks.
The above is not from the Museum OF Fluff ( which buried in the garden shed somewhere ) but the Guinness World Record NavelFluff collection by a crazed Australian!

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