Sunday, October 26, 2008

5 from RIMBAUBY DICK--the Pequod meets the Driunken Boat

"A capital ship
for an ocean trip
was the walloping window blind
no gale that blew
dismayed her crew
nor troubled the captain's mind"

5 pieces from an ongoing series-more may be seen at

one fine day in the great port of Hamburg, a man signing himself John Rimbaud attempted to join the American navy, unaware that this required the applicant to be a US citizen--

what if, indeed, by some odd chance, aboard a passing ship, Rimbaud had sailed to America--

and found work aboard a whaler (though these were then nearly extinct --)--or--stowed away aboard an expeditioning vessel, like that in our next tale--


Mick said...

The textures and colors in these pieces are impeccable.

David-Baptiste Chirot said...

Many thanks Mick Mail Artist--
it's hard trying to scan these as so far i haven't gotten the colors quite right, in which one cd see the textures better--
i will mail you some post cards ones for your Call so you can see/feel them in the raw!