Saturday, July 09, 2011

Photobooth Performances Call - Update

Looking forward to your Fluxus performances for this book. Providing steps for submission due November 30th:
1. Take/make 4 photos of your photobooth performance.
2. Put the original photos in an envelop - do not email
3. On a piece of paper draw dialogue bubbles for talk, think and/or holler (or you can collage from the ones provided at and also in the Facebook group). Make sure you indicate which bubble goes with each photo.
4. Clearly print your text in the bubble(s).
5. Add the paper to the envelop.
6. Mail envelop to Ginny Lloyd, PO Box 1424, Jupiter, Florida 33468 USA

One submission per person and no returns. Group photos are okay and count as a separate submission. More info is at the Facebook page and link given above.

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Anonymous said...

I use flickr as my photo sharing not photobucket.

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