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!!!!! FLUXFEST / CHICAGO / 2012 !!!!!

FLUXFEST CHICAGO 2012 February 9th - 12th, 2012

The Cat is Out of The Bag ..... Time for Another FLUXFEST !!!

Feb 9th - Opening of " FROM THE ARCHIVE " - Mailart and Fluxus from the archives of Fluxus/St. Louis.
@ Chicago Art Institute, Joan Flasch Library.

An afternoon opening reception for an exhibit of works that have accumulated here at the archive .. work by all of us and more ... ( if you've never sent Mailart or anything to the archive ..send it now and I'll make sure it's included in the show )

Feb. 10th . ' FLUX IT YOURSELF ' : Scores and Performances by Contemporary Fluxus

Tentative Location : Center For Book Arts, Chicago ( kind of a DIY free for all, where we can do whatever scores we like, plus a one day long exposition of our publications ) either send publications to me ahead of time, or bring them along.

Feb 10th 6:00pm " Flux Dinner " @ The Artist's Cafe, Chicago

An informal get together at a Chicago landmark .... also an opportunity to sign posters and catch up with each other.

Feb 11th 11-5pm "Fluxus Day at the Chicago Cultural Center"

an amazing performance space, and an event sponsored by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.

several events to participate in ...

1. " Mailart Creation Station " - an ongoing space with supplies for making and sending Mailart, informing and interacting with the public.

2. " Women In Bowlers " - a celebration of the women of Fluxus - from its beginnings till now, coordinated by Picasso Gaglione with Dada Machine Fluxus, and everyone who wants to perform.

3. " One Ring Circus " - Contemporary Fluxus scores performed by taking turns ... I'll be there with a sign up sheet, and announce ( like we did last year at the MCA and at ABC No Rio ) ....

4. " Long Form Flux " ... Plenty of room for longer durational pieces to be ongoing .. Let me know what you want to do & we'll work it in ... we have lots of space to work with,
also hallways and stairwells ... Bring your Ideas

5. " Fluxhibition 5.4 " - Cecil Touchon will once again transport valises filled with small flux-works from the Fluxmuseum Collection to show and share for the day.

6. " Free For All " - Please either bring or send ahead a multiple, publication or postcard in an edition of 50 or more that can be given away to the public. Last year was amazing .. over 50 different pieces came in, and all were distributed ... that's 2500 works that went out in a day cool is that! I'll be collecting 8 full sets to box and donate to archives. ( Last years boxes ended up in MOMA, Ohio State, The Sackner Collection, Chicago Art Institute, MCA Chicago, and more.... )

Feb. 11th ongoing ( 8am - 6pm ) " Write Now - Artists And Letterforms "

A major exhibition at the Chicago Cultural Center that showcases a diverse range of recent works by artists utilizing letters and text in a wide array of mediums. * The " Fluxus, Mailart, and Visual Poetry Project " that many of us are in, is located on and around a 30 ft. long wall as part of this exhibition, and will be open during the day.

Feb 11th 6:30 pm " The New York Correspondence School of Chicago Dinner "

The Berghoff, host restaurant of last year's Correspondence Dinner, once again
welcomes us for a special meal ... Bring Mail art and Multiples to share and swap.

Feb 12th " Flux Film Fest " @ 6018 NORTH.

A matinee festival of New Fluxus Film ( send me your film work now on DVD, so we can get the schedule set up. ) with a special screening of RE: MACIUNAS a new film by Jonas Mekas - Made for us for the Lithuanian Biennial. Also, an opportunity to explore 6018 NORTH - a new grassroots non-profit arts center for Performance, Sound, and Alternative Art .. this amazing space is in process, and will become the new Public Home of the Mailart / Fluxus archive that I've been accumulating ... (by next year our Archive Space will be completed, with a viewing room for Mailart / Fluxus works and publications, and walls to do special exhibitions from the archive.)

Housing : We've been loaned a Beautiful large apartment for the week, with several airbeds and 2 bedrooms .. and a great kitchen .. ( could be an amazing home base for our activities, also, several of our Chicago folks have opened their homes for the week. Let me know if you'll be needing space to stay )....

* If you're sending works ahead of time please Clearly Mark them as for Fluxfest / Chicago.
* send to this address:
Fluxfest Chicago
c/o Keith A. Buchholz
3449 Hartford St.
St. Louis, Mo.
63118 U.S.A.

Call or E-Mail me regarding Housing or Ideas .....

Any Ideas that anyone has, please give me a call. lots of opportunity to Perform in some great public spaces, view and make Mailart, and a chance to visit and collaborate.
I hope lots of you can make it.
- Keith Buchholz - Organizer

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