Monday, August 28, 2006

Ray Johnson & Henry Darger are not BUTTERFLEAS

Ray Johnson is not butter
is not a flea
is not Henry Darger
is not HANK
if not. is not. shall not be
dipped in butter to
wither or flutter
or mutter a curse.

Now Henry Darger
not bitter. or butter. or fingers in
the door
not more of the same
not fleasome or tiresome or
weary of those games

Butter Fleas
Butter Fleas


on ebay


State of Being said...

Nice stuff, Mick.


allen bukoff said...

Really nice stuff, Mick.


Mick said...

Thank you both, I have been having fun making these collages, and I must give credit to Rain Rien for the idea of using ebay as an artistic medium. He's been doing it with his inimitable style for a while now.

allen bukoff said...

I checked out the Ray Johnson stuff done by Rain Rien that's been for sale on eBay. Also very nice. What can you tell me about Rain Rien?


allen bukoff said...

Also, Mick, can you give me a better description of the materials in your Ray Johnson collages? Are they digital images (composed on a computer and printed on paper), cut pieces of paper, etc. glued together. Thanks.


Mick said...

About Rain Rien, I don't know much, but we have traded emailart and not ebayart for a while. I do know that he (I think he's a he, not sure though) is very prolific, inventive and adaptable and uses language in a playful and unique way.

My recent ebay RJ collages are composed digitally, printed and then finished with some hand drawn elements.

Mick said...

a typo, it should be

About Rain Rien, I don't know much, but we have traded emailart and NOW ebayart for a while.