Monday, November 20, 2006


Enough with the damn tomatoes.


Litsa Spathi / Nobody said...

...don't you want Nobody to publish here any more tomatoes? Do you want rules and limitations in fluxus?...

Mick said...

Please don't take it personally. I hope Nobody will post as many tomatoes as she wants. It is just my desire for variety.

Maybe someone will make a fluxus anti-tomato (with nothing in it)
this -could be a challenge-

Allan Revich said...

I want no more tomatoes from nobody or maybe more no potatoes from somebody or with all due lack of disrespect can I get a witness?

Or else what?

Nobody's nose.

Two tomatoes walked into a bar. The first tomato asked the bartender for a milkshake. The bartender laughed and and through the other tomato out.