Monday, November 20, 2006

Svensk fluxus


allen bukoff said...

Can anyone translate the Swedish text behind this poster into English? Thank you.

Björn Eriksson said...

Translation: "This is the first comprehensive in swedish language of the international network or artist, composers and poets as call themself Fluxus Artists. The book gives a personal image of Fluxus and it's connections in Sweden. It is richly illustrated with unique letters and photos. The writer is the swedish Fluxus artist Bengt af Klintberg who was participating in the legendary Fluxus concerts in the sixties.
128 pages. Size 25.5 x 22 centimeters. Prize: 250 swedish crowns.

This book is possible to order from the Rönnells Antikvariat. If someone wants some help with this just contact me... but I am quite sure the folks at the bookstore will help you if you send them an e-mail.